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I had a blast traveling around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beautiful Upstate New York this week. One of my favorite things to do when I’m working with business owners is to play a fun game called “The What If Game!” This game is a fun exercise that allows us to see what’s possible in our business without the stress of having to commit to anything, so I thought I’d share it with you in this week’s Coffey with Karen.

Get a sheet of paper and write the # of sales you would stand to gain each month if the statements were true.

Example: What if I was amazing at follow up calls? Answer: I would stand to gain ___4______sales per month.  Write down the # of sales.

Let’s begin:

▢ I added 50 people to your database each month and communicated with them weekly? How many sales could that add a month? #_______

▢ I called my database every quarter or had a call team follow up on my B & C leads, Past Clients, & Centers of Influence? How many sales could that add a month? #_______

▢ I did 1 “6-figure Open, Event or Party” a month? How many sales could that add a month? #_______

▢ I attended 1 networking, or group meeting a week and asked “The 5 Magic Questions of Networking” of everyone there?      How many deals could that add a month? #______

▢ I hosted 2 Client Appreciation Parties a year? #_______

▢ I was on the phone each and every morning from 9-10:30? #_______

▢ I did effective On-Line Lead Generation? #_______

▢ I sent a Killer Marketing Package to every person I spoke to about business? #_______

▢ I implemented those things my coach or mentor told me to do?How many deals could that add a month? #_______

▢ I had a positive, open mind about all of the above instead of reasons why they don’t work for me? How many closed transactions could that add a month? #______

TOTAL the # of deals you could add in 1 month HERE ________

What if…I were to multiply my total by my average sale?  What does that look like for me financially each month? $__________________

So what is holding me back from doing those things listed above?

No, Really…..take a minute and ask yourself “Why am I NOT doing these things?”

Is it lack of time management, lack of leverage, lack of skill, lack of knowledge? What is it?

Write it down and FIX IT today! Not tomorrow, today!

Stop tolerating less than what you deserve… YOU deserve a well-oiled, beautifully polished means of transportation. Most of you have ole clunky beater cars when it comes to your business.

What if you were to take the time RIGHT NOW and make the changes your business needs?