Fear of the phone calling FSBO

Getting over the fear of the phone in Sales

Getting over the fear of picking up the phone to make sales calls in your  business comes down to changing your expectations!

What do I mean?

Most business owners who pick up the phone, are trying to get an appointment to present or sell.

That's like going  ALL THE WAY on the first date…you're going to get shot down!  No wonder you're fearful or nervous to pick up the phone. Yikes!

So here's some of my best advice I give to my Diamond clients…


  1. Decide who you’re going to call.
  2. Ask yourself the question, “What am I looking to get out of this phone call”? 
    • What is my expectation?
    • Am I attached to a specific outcome?
    • Or am I going to reach out and see what, if anything, I can do to help? maybe even send out a follow up package?

**Here’s a tip….Be unattached, chill, no expectation, no specific outcome except to see if there is a way to help. Just get a live person on the phone to talk to. If you have any expectations at all it’s to find out where there head’s at and send them a follow up package so they see how you work. **

  1.      Pick up the phone!  Just do it!
  2.     Call People You Know Are Interested 1st  !!Take the mystery out finding new business and leads and call those folks that have raised their hands wanting more information from you.   One group you can dig into are folks you have met while networking. You wrote their info on a sheet of paper or put them in a database never to be seen again, Dig them out! and call them today! Another group are your social media friends. You probably don't have their contact info so PM them and ask if they have 5 minutes, you would like to invite them to be a part of something.
  3.  Use Authentic Purposeful Conversation to Convert  – This is important. Leave your professional radio voice at home, no one wants to hear that. Be a consultant, an advocate, a cheerleader for them and their goals. Let THAT excitement come through your voice and through the phone.

REMEMBER: You're not always going to get an appointment, sometimes your just strengthening the relationship and sending some kick-ass marketing follow up.  It all turns into Money and Profit somewhere down the line, even if not right away.