Behind the Curtain

First 10 days – 2 Listings and a Buyer

I'm in Week 2 and I'm like @!@!!

This Group is Amazing!

In 12 Weeks I Quit My Job and Found Myself!

2 Months in the Program = What She Made Last Year

I Was Completely Wrong…

I Forgot About My Family…

I'm Starting to Get Excited About Doing Real Estate!

I am Tired of the 24 Year Old Coaches!

The Old Me vs. the New Me!

I Got Scared. It Got Hard.

I Put Myself Out There and Got Results!

1 Hour of Action Got Me Excited About My Business.

25 Leads in the Last 10 Days!

4 Closings and 2 New Contracts in a Week!

I Hadn't Been That Way in a Long Time…

I Quit My Corporate Job.

I Finally Got My Groove Back.

My Husband is Proud of Me.