You’re a female business owner. A consultant.

Your business is a vehicle of transformation for your family and the lives of those around you.

...and you’re not sure how to consistently get more clients (steadily) without feeling cheesy, salesly or begging for business.

Cracking the code on finding the kind of clients who are ready to take action and get what they came to you for... Who know that you’re the person to help them solve their problem, issue or crisis.  Who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work following your system and get amazing results. NOT having this full pipeline of clients is a HUGE red flag for your business.  

This is what we do in fact..


I  just spoke to a female business owner who had the THIRD person in 3 days hang up on her on a sales call. It’s funny, because she JUST did one of those sales training seminars a couple weeks ago. You know...the kind where they tell you to grab ’em by the collar and hard close ’em? Naturally, she was the ONLY woman in a room full of guys. And when she tried to apply the lousy, testosterone-fueled sales tactics she learned...she came off as totally inauthentic.

Yet another woman who was trying to sell the way that guys do. If you’ve never had sales training, you’re probably struggling to get clients. If you HAVE had sales training, it’s probably the same washed-up, hyper-masculine, Wolf of Wall Street nonsense they’ve been peddling for decades. What if there were a truly feminine way to sell? A way that used all of your natural caring, empathy, and heart to make the sale in a way that felt great to you AND the client?


Having just made the INC 500 list and practicing what we preach here. We can help you make big moves in your business... without sacrificing your integrity or becoming someone you’re not. 

The 5 secrets our female entrepreneurs are using to get 10-20 new clients a month... consistently! (Watch below)

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Karen Coffey Real Estate Coach

Karen Coffey National Award-Winning Sales Trainer, Author, Speaker and #1 results oriented Real Estate Coach for women. Recipient of the 2020 INC 500 as one of the fastest Growing companies in the US and has systematically led thousands of women to six plus figures and beyond. Are you ready to be one of them?