You may have heard the stories and I wanted to tell you myself that they’re true!

I really did go from losing everything/ homeless/ 115k in debt to making over $100,000 in less than 6 months in a brand new market (that means no friends or sphere of influence in case you wondered) …

You can too…and I want to show you how!

Just a short 7 years ago I was 115k in debt and had lost every possession I had…my home, my car, my furniture, my mother passed and my husband left, all in the same year. 

When I was setting goals for my life in my early 20’s being a single mom and destitute was not on my bucket list. Maybe you can relate!

The one thing I learned from all of that is that life can plummet in an instant, when you least expect it and…

On the flip side of that, life can Quantum Leap in amazing ways too.

I want to share with you Step 1 of 3 steps that will immediately make the difference between struggling and pain, living paycheck to paycheck, to a life where you have more than enough, more consistent paychecks, and more to be grateful for 😉

Step 1   

STOP Being a A** and START Being A Business Owner!


No seriously…stay with me.  I want you to act like a Business Owner for a moment.  Pretend you’re the owner of an insurance agency, a florist shop, or any brick and mortar biz.

What would you be doing?

Would you need to show up every day to a specific location to open the doors? Would you have overhead of any kind, staff that was there to help you with customers, paperwork and ordering, while you did the important tasks of finding new business through marketing, networking, advertising, lead generation, etc?

Of course! There’s not a million-dollar business out there that doesn’t have support staff, accountability to the numbers, and a company culture of bringing real value to their customers.

So why is it in the Entrepreneurial field there is a movement and a culture of the lone wolf, going it alone, what I call being a Dumb A** 😉

Would you be surprised if I told you NO ONE wants to do business with a Dum A**? NO ONE! They want to do business with professional business owners.

So, here’s the Million $$$ question:  If you were looking to hire an exception Salesperson for your company….would you hire YOU? Or would you be more suited to be the admin for the business?  

You can either be one or the other, but you can’t be both…and quite honestly, admins don't make the kind of money you want to make.

So, if you answered NO, I would not hire myself in a sales role, then you’ve got some changes to make.  You need to leverage more of your administrative time to someone else so YOU can focus on ‘getting new business’ and not on administrative tasks. Or, you can do the administrative tasks and hire a salesperson.

So, STOP being a Dumb A** and START being a business owner!

Show up every day, focus on the important task of ‘getting new business’, but do it with the same fire and intensity as if you owned a business that had payroll and overhead and staff depending on you. 


Feel that pit in your stomach? That's the urgency you need to feel every day.  Remember, if you want consistent income you’re going to have to have consistent lead generation.

For you to have the multiple 6 and 7 figure income you long for in your  career you’re going to have to step up, learn how to leverage without going broke, and work your business like a business.

We are always here to help…reach out anytime for a No-Cost Business Breakthrough Strategy Session. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Next week I’ll be sharing the 2nd step to ramping up your business immediately!