It literally breaks my heart when I hear of small business owners struggling month to month and in real financial pain.


  • They can’t get traction in their business. 
  • They look around the industry and see thousands of less talented people making WAY more money. 
  • And their pipeline is drying up right before their eyes.

To solve this problem from ever happening to you I wanted to share with you my mindset and my motivation that always kept me ahead of everyone else in the marketplace.


This is super important … and is going to be extremely hard for some of you control freaks…I get it! I was one of them…but I didn’t see my business explode until I implemented these 5 super important things.

But before I share them, let me ask you ‘Why did you start your own business?’

  • Was it to do mounds of paperwork?
  • Answer the phone until 10pm every night?
  • Chase leads day in and day out?
  • Or look at your lack of sales at the end of every month and wonder why your spouse or friends are suggesting you may want to “get a job”?  (please God no!)

My guess would be ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is not why you started your own business.  

You got into business so you could be free of the 9-5. To make the kind of money you deserve and knew you could make, and to be proud or yourself and your accomplishments…THAT’s why you got into Business.

So here’s how to make sure that happens!

You’re going to have to let go of some control of the things you are not meant to do …like paperwork.

There are only 5 things you should be focusing on…YEP…only 5.

1.       Lead Generation

2.       Lead Follow up

3.       Appointments via phone or in person

4.       Fulfilling Your Promises to Your Clients

5.       Getting Testimonials from Happy Clients after the sale

Yes, that’s it! Fill an 8 hour day with these 5 things and you will never ever have to worry about money again!

But Karen, you don't know my business? I have this and that and then no one does it like me.  My advice then is to keep doing it the way you have always done it. But if you want to see a major shift in your life and in your business, hire and leverage those tasks that you are not good at . IE: paperwork, busy work, marketing, social media…stay focused on your 5 and everything else will fall into place, I promise!