we let our results do the talking for us.

From being a homeless single mom to creating a multi million dollar coaching company in real estate sales, Karen is most proud to have impacted over 5000 agents and been awarded the INC 500 award for Fastest Growing Companies in the United States two years in a row. She also is the recipient of two Stevie Awards, as well as, a National Award-Winning Speaker, Coach and Author of Hearing the Voice of God and Making Agents Wealthy. 

Her extraordinary success comes from the amazing connection she has to God; listening and implementing high level strategies for herself and her clients which consist of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and ministries around the world.

In the summer of 2023, she felt God calling her to duplicate herself by creating more multi-millionaires for the Kingdom. Her passion is helping others create, build, and grow their callings, businesses and destinies to the same levels of success she had, using Holy SpiritLed Stategies and downloads. 


Danielle W.

I have gained so much momentum in my business and the money is rolling in!

I love this program. The tools she will teach you will change your business. Most importantly your life. I was at a low point in my business and life when I came across this program and can't thank Karen and her team enough for taking me under their wing. In 6 months of working program I have gained so much momentum in my business and the money is rolling in!

Susan C.

It is the BEST decision I made since I decided to become a Realtor!

Since joining Karen Coffey Coaching, I have been shown how to build a real estate BUSINESS, in a very efficient and timely manner. Everyone in the KC group is uber supportive and knowledgeable, as well as fellow members. It is the BEST decision I made since I decided to become a Realtor!

Jes H.
New York

Joining Karen Coffey Coaching has been LIFE CHANGING!

THANK YOU for everything! My folder of all things Karen is labeled “Karen Coffey Lifechanger” – she really has changed my life and the way I do business.

Marsha C.
Lower Alabama

NEW Agent. NEW Market. $4.5 MILLION in less than a year in business. 

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I got into real estate and signed up with Karen Coffey Coaching, I had no idea that I was about to be “resurrected”. I know that sounds dramatic and hokey but it’s actually quite accurate.

Danielle B.
Houston, TX

SIX Sales and FIVE Pending…I know my worth!

I know now that there is a different way to do business. I don’t have to worry about where I am going to get my next lead and I don’t have to chase businesses anymore. I can just focus on taking care of my clients. Thank you Karen!

Rachel R.
Annandale, VA

I can’t believe it, Monday is the end of my Program! Oh no! I’m really going to miss this. While journaling this morning I wrote a list of my accomplishments due directly to this program. It was quite long! I had so many doubts when I started but ultimately figured I’d put out the money so I had to try. So glad I did!! I’ve gained so much and I'm excited to keep moving forward. ( If only I’d found Karen Coffey Coaching 15 years ago!)

Cecilia M.
Phoenix, AZ

Before joining Karen Coffey Coaching, I was only closing about 4 deals A YEAR. Now that I’ve implemented Karen’s tools and strategies, I’m closing on average 2-3 more A MONTH. With their help I FINALLY broke through my money blocks. If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, the answer is an overwhelming YES! As a matter of fact, I went on to join Karen for even more coaching!

Danette C.
Denver, CO

I was only about 5 months in the business when I started Karen's program. I had worked myself sick with chasing and competing with other agents on Zillow and Realtor.com leads. I knew that I could not sustain that type of action and work hours. And bigger than this, I was full of fear in my ability to make this career work, and terrified that I couldn't make it last and would have to go back to Corporate America.

Now, 4 months later I've already had 12 closings and 1 under contract!!!

Karen and her team caught me every time I thought I was falling, and reminded me how to do this business right. How to build a business and stop thinking like a worker bee and exhausting myself, and actually turn me into a business owner. I am forever grateful to Karen and her team, and all that she taught me. Karen is a woman who you hear about, that really cares about other women, and wanting to make their lives better. SHE is real. Many people who say they care don't mean it, but Karen and her team really do.

I will make more money this year than I've ever made in my past careers, and I truly owe it to this team. Anyone who is on the fence about this program should just do it!

Deb Myers Image

Kelly E.
Orlando, FL

Karen and her team guided me to a place where I am now closing two and three deals every single month and I am only getting busier as the weeks go by. My projection for 2019 is phenomenal. I truly appreciate the confidence and the guidance she and her team has provided.

The program is so good that once you’re done you’re going to want to start over and do it again. I truly believe that its multi-faceted concept is worth going through several times. You can only get better! Just one of Karen’s systems got me a deal closing in 30 days for $12k!

Deb M.
Southwest FL

Karen Coffey’s Coaching Program includes not only the systems, where to get the best tools, but the mindset change needed which no other program offers. I’ve completely changed the way I look at the RE industry, I’ve completely changed my business model to a much simpler and much more effective one. I’ve increased my business by 60% mid-March as compared to all of 2018. I have close to 100 leads per month and can’t keep up with them. I’m leveraging my skills and I’m on track to reach the income levels I always knew I was meant to enjoy. Love, love, love the Karen Coffey Team way.