Why Karen?

“No one ever hired a coach just to have a coach! They hire a coach for the results and the crazy amazing money they will make.” ~ Karen Coffey

Most coaches ask you questions and expect you to ‘self discover’ and figure things out what to do in your business your own in your market…Karen and her team of coaches couldn’t be further from that philosophy. They believe every agent is an individual with unique strengths and  talents for them to tell you to do your business like everyone else, and waste time would be ludicrous. Karen and the Making Agents Wealthy Team give you what you need, already created, so you can plug and play an entire system and quickly begin reaching the ¼  to ½  a million mark in your real estate business.

  • Karen is an Award Winning National Real Estate Coach & Author. 
  • Founder of Making Agents Wealthy.
  • The #1 Results Oriented Real Estate Mentor in the Country. 

Her company has helped hundreds of agents across the country grow a consistent $100,000+ a year business and may more between $250,000 – $1 million increasing their collective sales to over $1 Billion in commissions in just 3 years time.

As a Top Producing Agent she built 6 real estate teams and now she coaches others to skillfully blend her Step-By-Step Business Strategies and Mindset Techniques with their own personal strengths to immediately propel their business to 6 & even 7 figures.

In her upcoming book, “Six Months to Six Figures; a Realtors* ‘No-nonsense’, Guide to Out-witting, Out-performing, and Out-earning their Competition, Even if They’re Just Starting Out” she shares her personal story of going from ZERO to $103k in net income in less than 6 months in a brand new market.

Here’s What Some of her Clients Had to Say…

Karen's Energy, Personality and Proven Techniques = Success!!

Karen’s high energy, upbeat personality combined with her proven techniques make for a winning combination. That I already know what I should be doing, I need to just, “DO IT!”

Laurie S.

I Listed 8 Out of the first 10 Appointments I Went On Using Karen's Ideas and Systems!

I had not used a Pre-Listing Package in the past. Once I started, I listed 8 out of the first 10 appointments I went on. Two are live in MLS, four are signed and will be on within next two weeks (waiting for decluttering, cleaning, painting, new carpeting, etc to be done) and two more which will go active next month. This one piece has the potential to turn my business around … not to mention the impact on my Sellers. One Seller told me I was the third agent they had spoken with (one was their daughter’s friend) and the only one to drop something off for them to review prior to our appointment. Thank you for the scripts. Can’t wait to begin using them! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.

Bridgette Mucha Keller Williams
Latham NY

4 New Listings In One Month Just Using A Few of Karen's Tips!

Working with Karen helped me streamline my business and get targeted on my goals and how I can reach them. Utilizing a few of the tips received from these sessions has brought me 4 listings this month alone! Karen shares good, common sales sense for my business. Much appreciated, Karen!

Janet B.
Agent Equitas Realty Upstate NY

Real Estate Mastery put $13,500 In My Pocket So Far!

After only 1 session with Karen I implemented an idea that got me a $438,000 listing that sold…that’s over $13,500in my pocket!!!-

Jeannie Costanzo
Upstate NY

After Following Karen's “6 Figure Open House System” I Had Over 60 People Come Through!

Over 60 people came through my Open House this weekend and all because of the Open House System that Karen and shared with me! Now I just have to figure out how to follow up with all of these leads!

Bonnie Pagano
Rochester NY

Tripled My Biz And Took 5 Tropical Vacations in 5 Months Thanks Karen!

My goal was to take my business to the next level and triple quiet a large volume, so far I was able to double it and I took 5 tropical vacations during 5 months:) Love Karen !!!! She is the best!!!

Vera Cohen Luft
Realty USA Upstate NY