For Women in Real Estate

There's no doubt about it – Residential Real Estate marketing has changed quite a bit in the last few years…and even more so the last few months!

Women in our profession are coming to me, saying that what was working for them just 6 months ago, is now getting them absolutely nowhere …

* Lead Generation systems like door-knocking, cold calling, and blog posts are a total waste of time and honestly they are outright embarrassing to our industry … and now with Open Houses being taken off the table, it’s hard to know what to do anymore.

* Agents working 10, 12, 14 hour days are no longer the top agents in their marketplace. There is a big difference between busy work and productive work…the workweek should be and can be 30 hours MAX.

* The old school ways of converting leads are pretty much LAUGHABLE right now. Using the same scripts everyone else uses… Think about it, Agents are spending months and months calling, texting, emailing with no response. Just hoping that somehow magically that lead will eventually become a client… but the reality is they never do. Don’t you have better things to do with your time?

The truth is, Real Estate is very much alive right now… But the reality is more and more agents are struggling than ever before.

Meanwhile, in my world, we're working with an incredible number of women who are exploding their real estate businesses by leaving ALL the old-fashioned ways behind and implementing super simple, yet highly effective systems.

Join me on this free presentation where I'll reveal the EXACT strategies our clients are using to create a sales-generating machine, with the exact same framework I used to triple my Residential Real Estate Business in less time than it took you to get your license.

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For Women in business

Just spoke to a female business owner who had the THIRD person in 3 days hang up on her on a sales call.

It’s funny, because she JUST did one of those sales training seminars a couple weeks ago. You know…the kind where they tell you to grab ’em by the collar and hard close them?

Naturally, she was the ONLY woman in a room full of guys.

And when she tried to apply the lousy, testosterone-fueled sales tactics she learned…she came off as totally inauthentic.

Yet another woman who was trying to sell the way that guys do.

If you’ve NEVER had sales training, it is probably struggling to get clients. If you HAVE had sales training, it’s probably the same washed-up, hyper-masculine, Wolf of Wall Street nonsense they’ve been peddling for decades.

What if there were a truly feminine way to sell? A way that used all of your natural caring, empathy, and heart to make the sale in a way that felt great to you AND the client?

The truth is, the old cookie-cutter way of doing things just doesn't work. They're hit or miss, and as women, the ‘old boy' ways of selling just won't work for us.

But OUR CLIENTS don't struggle with ANY of that.

They create a business that doesn't JUST bring them more clients and boost their bottom line …

It also feeds their soul, reignites their passion, and ensures they're making a huge impact in the world.

What's more, they do this WITHOUT cold calling, relying on friends and family to support their dream, or putting in 50 hours a week.

None of this is magic though … It's just a tried-and-tested system.

A system which we'll be revealing on our next free presentation, where we'll reveal the exact strategies our clients are using to create 10 – 20 new clients a month consistently, using a no-nonsense, results-driven, sales machine.

It's been used by thousands of women already, with great success. I want you to be next!

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