caribe royalThis week I've taken some much needed time to do nothing. … sitting on the front porch of “my old Tennessee home” before heading back up to Pennsylvania where we live. #heaven

Have you ever noticed when you take yourself out of your busy life and environment, even for just a few days, your perspective changes?

Youre not caught up in the small minutia of everyday busy-ness but have a more elevated view of what you need to do, where youre headed, and how to get there to make life and business work!

Last week myself and a group of my elite private clients got together for a special 2-day intensive at the beautiful Caribe Royale in Orlando FL.

The resounding theme was ‘we are making this business way too hard‘ when all that is needed is to create a foundation that will support the growth and breakthrough you are longing for. There's a saying that says:

“Take more time to work on your business than work in it”.

  • What does that quote mean to you?
  • Where can you go to take some much needed ‘planning time'?

There is a book I read a few years back called “The Dream Manager”. If you haven't read this book it's an amazing study on how taking the time to dream, plan, and kick your feet up can actually help you and your business be more productive. I hope you‘ll get a copy for yourself.

Have an awesome week!