The #1 Results-Oriented Mentorship Program for Women


A Step by Step strategy for adding 10-20 NEW Clients a month…Consistently!

A Step by Step Strategy for Adding $100k+ in as little as 100 Days..FOR REAL!

We Teach Women

  •  How to Add Upwards of $100,000 to your Business in the next 100 Days, even if that seems like a crazy amount of money right now.
  • How to generate your PERFECT Clients – WHENever and WHEREver you want – while charging the commission/amount you want and deserve. All without chasing, groveling, and sounding sales-y…ever!
  • Positioning so that your clients respect your time and expertise.
  • How to automatically convert a lot more clients and make a ton more money without having to work more than 40 hours a week.
  • And how to do ALL of this without cold calling, door knocking, blogging, expensive websites or spending hours chasing leads.

Women in real estate

The Making Agents Wealthy program is no-nonsense and intensive in nature. Specifically designed for the agent that is hardworking, coachable, and ready for results right now in their business, not years down the road.

If you’re ready to hit the fast forward button to a consistent 5 figure MONTHLY income then #BuckleUp and register to speak to one of our Making Agents Wealthy Certified Coaches.

Women in Business

The Making Women Wealthy program is strategically designed to walk you step by step in building YOUR authentic business to create 10-20 NEW Clients every month like clock work – while creating the leverage and freedom in life.

If you are ready to lean in, learn, grow and level up your life and your business NOW – #BuckleUp and register to speak to one of our Making Women Wealthy Certified Coaches. 


Does this sound like you?

Do you have some days where you have more than enough clients…but you can’t seem to keep it consistently flowing throughout the year?

Do you see other less talented people making more money that you and you can’t for the life of your figure out how they’re doing it?

Maybe you’re tired of running out of the house at all hours of the day and night to meet clients that don’t value or respect your time?

Do you work hard and still don’t have enough money to do the things you love doing?

Do you have days, weeks, and months where you have no idea how you’ll get everything done, you know you could be doing more, but you just can’t find the time or the resources ?

Do you secretly think you might be better off getting a job when you look at the month ahead wondering where the clients and the sales are going to come from?


Don't worry… we can help you just like we have helped THOUSANDS of women across North America level up their life and business to create a legacy of their own. My biggest question to you is…WHY NOT YOU TOO!?


Trusted Advisor to Top Companies

Here's What Some of Her Clients Had to Say…

Tripled My Biz And Took 5 Tropical Vacations in 5 Months, Thanks Karen! 

My goal was to take my business to the next level and triple quiet a large volume, so far I was able to double it and I took 5 tropical vacations during 5 months:) Love Karen !!!! She is the best!!!

Vera Cohen Luft

Upstate NY

After Following Karen's Systems I Had Over 60 New Leads for my Business!

Over 60 people came through an Open House this weekend and all because of the Systems that Karen shared with me! Now I just have to figure out how to follow up with all of these leads!

Bonnie Pagano

Rochester NY

Karen's Coaching program put $13,500 In My Pocket So Far!

After only 1 session with Karen I implemented an idea that got me a $438,000 sale…that’s over $13,500 in my pocket!!!

Jeannie Costanzo

Upstate NY